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Localized Treatment

Localized or spot treatments are a common way to eradicate drywood termites. Localized treatments target drywood termites in specific areas determined to have been infested.

Subterranean Termite Treatment

To control for subterranean termites, we treat the affected areas with non-repellent termiticides that are undetectable by subterranean termites. This allows  the subterranean termites to unknowingly absorb the chemicals, and pass the chemicals to all other subterranean termites on contact.


When it comes to dealing with drywood termite infestations, the primary solution is to fumigate, or tent, the entire property. During fumigation, your property is enclosed in a tent, and a precise amount of fumigant is released into the property. The fumigant gas penetrates deep into the structure and in all cracks, crevices, and hard-to-reach places. Once the home is properly aerated, the fumigant leaves no surface residue.

As drywood termites can live inside walls, underneath floors, and other areas that are not possible to inspect, but as a whole structure method, fumigation will take care of them all guaranteed.